Everything you need to feel really prepared for the physical and emotional life transition of becoming a mum for the first time or adding a sibling to your growing brood.

- Transitioning from hospital to home

- Introducing your new baby to your toddler

- Connecting with your greater family (grandparents, carers, in-laws)

All delivered through a one on one format allowing you to have the content specifically tailored to your needs and circumstances.

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The Connected Parenting community is about allowing you to connect with other parents experiencing similar challenges and milestones in day-to-day life. 

Join the Connected Parenting Community and find a safe, supportive space for you to ask questions, talk through information and get access to up to date research to help guide you through your parenting journey. 

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Genevieve is a qualified, engaging and experienced parent educator and speaker. Her experience includes teaching at The Mater Hospital, Catholic Care and through Ready Together as well as various parenting events.

Certified as a Circle of Security Facilitator. The Circle of Security is a relationship-based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children.

If you are an organisation looking to implement these teachings within your community, Genevieve is also available on a consulting basis and runs the Circle of Security Courses across various Health and Community locations within Sydney. Get in contact to find out more. 

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I am passionate about the parent education that can help parents to navigate the hardest job there is.

I am also a mum to four gorgeous boys and my personal experience has given me a depth to my understanding of what modern parents are grappling with.

There are two key issues I see facing parents:

The information overload which starts in pregnancy and by the time I am seeing parents after they have had their baby they often tell me how overwhelmed they are by differing opinions and advice.

The village has changed and there is an unhelpful myth that we should just know how to birth, feed, and parent our babies because it is what humans have always done. However, it is not innate – it is a learned skill and that’s where good quality education can help.

How I can help you?

We now know that rewards, punishments, time outs, sticker charts and copious amounts of praise do not work. We know the way our parents did it had pros and cons, but there isn’t a modern road map or how to guide that works for all. This leaves many parents asking “what does work?”

Research shows that children who have a secure attachment with at least one adult do better at school, enjoy greater physical health, and go on to have more intimate, fulfilling and enduring relationships through life.

In essence this is everything we want for our kids.

The catch is, HOW we create this secure attachment isn’t innate. Most parents are struggling as they run on a combination of information from parenting books and our underlying program (which is our own childhood experience).

We need help to learn how to override our underlying program and confidently create this attachment in order to fully meet our kids needs.

Using my knowledge of over 60 years of research into what makes a good attachment between parents and their kids I like to give parents a simple roadmap to not only survive the transition points in parenting but thrive.

I did Circle of Security training as a parent myself when my first two kids were young and it changed my parenting. I felt from the moment I learned about attachment and creating a safe and secure relationship I was able to ditch the books and the blogs and start to really enjoy my parenting in a really confident way. So much so I went on to become a facilitator as I want to bring this to all parents.

I have since then made it my mission to bring information on how to create a secure attachment to all parents. I believe a good understanding of how to create a secure bond with children while they are young can impact a family for life and ultimately create a more peaceful world.