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Be the best possible parent for your child.

Because you know them better than anyone.

Why connection is key

Little People Big Feelings by Gen Muir 

A book that will make you feel good about your parenting.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and uncertainty and hello to parenting confidence.

Gen covers it all from managing fussy eating, public meltdowns and bedtime battles to school refusal and sibling rivalry.

If you’ve ever thought “What am I doing wrong?” or “Why is this so hard?”, this book is for YOU.

Little People, Big Feelings

Understand what your child needs from you and watch the magic happen.

Let’s face it, parenting is a tough gig.
There will be more tantrums, meltdowns and drive-you-crazy moments than you can count.
But what if you could change the way you think about and respond to your child’s behaviour?
When you approach parenting through the lens of connection and creating a secure attachment, wonderful things happen.
And those tricky moments… well they simply go better.

Meet Genevieve,
She’s your connection expert.

Gen knows this stuff works.

She has used evidence-based connection tools and techniques with over 40,000 parents in her role as an Obstetric Social Worker and Parent Educator.

Not to mention the on the ground experience she has with her own four children.

Gen understands the challenges of modern parenting and goes beyond the surface to investigate what’s driving difficult behaviours.

She’ll guide you on both what your child needs from you AND how you can be there for them without feeling like you’re “giving in” or losing control.

Why Gen’s your key to connection

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Thank you for all your kindness during my time at the mater. I remember crying after listening to you talk, because your words really were so touching and empathetic. Going through the hash lockdown of COVID and returning home to a toddler with a newborn, your really helped guide me at a time that I was feeling lost and weak.Thank you for all that you did and continue to do for all the mothers during such a difficult year. I remember staying back on the day of my discharge just to hear your class and I’m so glad I did. I use your techniques with my toddler when she’s having a bad day and she really does respond better. I’m happy for you to share this because it really is the truth. :) Thank you again for helping me see the positives during such a negative time of lockdown x



Hi Gen, I’ve just completed your online course Connected Families. Oh my goodness I wish I had found you before now!!!! Thank you so much for giving me the tools to tap into exactly what my son Ollie needed as he adjusted to his baby sister. With your advice, we were able to prepare in advance for the an introduction that was lead by Ollie (not us) we knew how to meet his needs and then when he was showing signs of pushing boundaries we knew why and what to do!! I’m not saying every day has gone smoothly, but the difference is in our confidence, particularly knowing he needed us to be confident with boundaries and welcome any big feelings (There have been a few of these too). Thanks again Gen.



Hi Gen, I just wanted to say how helpful your Connected Families course it has been, we had our second baby this year and we have been following your advice around how we manage our toddlers feelings/emotions and wow, it has helped so much! 

We are getting down to his eye level and taking about how he is feeling, offering big cuddles and taking one-on-one time with him each week. I have no doubt that this has made the transition to a family of four much smoother for all of us. Thank you!


Genevieve is an accomplished public speaker and facilitator.

Gen has facilitated numerous events and run sessions on parenting, self care for parents, boundaries, connection, play and development and many other topics for Babyology, Kiindred, Ready Together, Catholic Care, The Cerebral Palsy Alliance, the Mater. Get in contact to find out about booking Gen for your next event.

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Connected Parenting is founded by Gen Muir, Obstetric Social Worker, Parent Educator and mum to four boys with a passion for helping parents in the first five years of raising kids.
With the experience of working with over 40,000 parents though her work at the Mater and privately, Gen has a great understanding of the real challenges facing modern parents.

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