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Obstetric Social Worker and Parent Educator at the Mater hospital in Sydney and also a mother to four beautiful boys Genevieve is passionate about helping families in Sydney and beyond adapt to the modern parenting world and all its challenges and not only survive but thrive.

Genevieve assists parents to ditch “perfect parenting” and get going with “good enough parenting” by helping families filter out some of the noise and find the parenting rhythm that works for them.

“One of the biggest challenges new parents are facing is how to cut through the huge amount of information around them and find a pathway that works for them and their new baby. This is something I can help with.”

 “The world that parents and families are operating in is increasingly complex. With an overload of information, many parents are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, anxious and like it’s impossible to “get it right”. With guidance parents are able to find their parenting groove - enabling calm, confident parenting and secure and happy kids.”

With an extensive background in obstetric social work, women and children’s health and the justice sector, Genevieve has moved towards specialising in parent education and mentoring parents with the passage into parenthood for the first time, or with the added demands of a growing family. In addition, Genevieve has her own four children who have allowed her to learn firsthand the challenges of raising kids today.

Genevieve has a Bachelor of Social work (BSW) at UNSW and is a certified Circle of Security Facilitator and has a Grad Dip in grief and bereavement counselling. 

“I became a grief counselor because I believe that grief is a part of all of us, no one escapes grief and we are not great as a society at dealing with it. It is often a part of birth as well where women can be grieving the birth they didn’t get to have, the living grief of loosing your ‘old self’ and many, many other forms of grief”

Previously Genevieve has worked in Mental Health, Community Health, a role as a Social Worker at Concord Hospital, and at Legal Aid NSW managing The Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Program.

“While I was having my four children I became passionate about helping families and mums in the community who I feel are struggling with parenting due to a number of factors including an information overload and a lack of a village. This led me to study Circle of Security Parenting - initially as a parent myself, and later as a certified Circle of Security facilitator.”

 “The information overload starts in pregnancy and by the time I am seeing parents after they have had their baby they are often anxious and overwhelmed by differing opinions about how to breastfeed, wrap, get to sleep, and connect with their babies.” 

"Another big milestone in parenting I am passionate about is the transition from one to two children. I believe the rubber really hits the road when parents have their second child, they are juggling the needs of a newborn alongside the needs of a toddler. These are two very different stages of development. Many parent's biggest concern is not about the newborn but about making sure their older child doesn’t feel left out as they bring the new baby home. I love helping parents with this."

Genevieve now works as an Obstetric Social Worker and parent educator at the Mater Hospital, where she runs parent and grandparent education which includes classes for first-time parents, and is lucky enough to meet with new parents each week and talk them through some ideas that can help them with a smooth transition from hospital with their first, second or third baby.

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