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Meet Genevieve

Genevieve is a certified Circle of Security Parenting and Tuning into Kids Facilitator, an Obstetric Social Worker, and she brings all of the knowledge around creating that secure bond, as well as her practical on the ground knowledge from raising her own four boys into these programs.

 Having delivered the Connected Families program to over 10,000 families face to face and the Mater and privately, Gen has created a program that you can now do from the comfort of home.
This program tells parents everything they need to know in order to assist their older children in becoming big brothers or sisters.
Connected Families is evidence based and it's also created by a mum of four, so it is practical, real, and contains Gen's own learnings and stories. 
This program covers everything you need to navigate the twelve months following the addition of a new baby into your family. 

Introducing Connected Families

This program is all about giving parents everything they need to assist their older children though the big transition that is welcoming a new baby into your home.  

Who is this program for

anyone who is pregnant with their second baby, or welcoming a new baby into their home

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What you get

Expert Guidance

Practical and evidence-based program by a mum of four

Peace of Mind

Giving you just what you need to feel more reassured and parent from the heart

Join the Family

Have access to a like minded community of parents and expert advice from Gen

How it will help

In the lead up to a second baby, many parents are wondering:


✔︎ How do I make sure my older child feels connected with me as they adjust to the baby?

✔︎ I want my older children and baby to be be friends. How do I help their relationship to get off to a great start?

✔︎ My older child is very attached to one parent. We are wondering how to navigate this and a new baby?

✔︎  How do I set up that first meeting for success? What helps my older child in these first moments?

✔︎ How do I juggle two kids and manage any changes in behaviour that arise?

✔︎ What do I do if I notice a change in behaviour in my older child in the lead up to or following the birth?

✔︎ My child is preferring one parent over the other, what do we do about this?

✔︎ I'll be having a c section, and my older child still wants to be carried all the time, how do I explain that I can't pick her up?

✔︎ Do I move my older child out of the cot before the baby comes?

✔︎ What are the pitfalls to watch out for?

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Watch what Zoe Marshall said about the Connected Families program


Connected Families is all about:

✔︎ Giving parents access to four incredible hacks to make your older child feel connected with you as they adjust to becoming a big brother or sister (that only take a minute!)

✔︎ Helping parents know what their kids actually need, and how to meet these needs when you are time poor

✔︎ How to juggle two or three kids while also protecting your own relationships and health

✔︎ Answers to all the top questions like 'should I buy a present from the baby to give to my older child'

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What's in the program

The Complete Series

✔︎ Exclusive access to program series

✔︎ 3 x Key Topics (Connection, Boundaries, Feeling All The Feelings)

✔︎ 2x bonus modules on self care and that magic first hello.

✔︎ Downloadable expert guide

✔︎ 7 day money back guarantee

AUD $99

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✔︎ Connection in the first 5 years, exactly how to connect with your kids to fill their emotional cup
✔︎ Mini-moments of connection
✔︎ Special time
✔︎ Praise vs connection, using connection to help your child with the big and small transitions


✔︎ Why limit and boundary setting is so hard, but needed to make your child feel safe when welcoming a new baby
✔︎ Setting boundaries using your relationship
✔︎ Importance of maintaining boundaries after baby comes home
✔︎ What doesn't work with changing behaviour
✔︎ How to recognise a boundary moment
✔︎ Setting a boundary in 4 easy steps.

Feeling All The Feelings

✔︎ BIG feelings in our little people can send us spinning
✔︎ Find out what gets in the way of us being what our kids need when they are upset
✔︎ Why we need to welcome feelings these big feelings
✔︎ How to be the safe base your child needs when they are struggling to regulate

We are confident you will find value in our program, but if you disagree
- we will provide you with a

*We do ask that you make the effort to complete at least 70% of the series.


Each video or package purchased will also receive these EXTRAS, to help support you on your new parenting journey.

Bonus Modules

One of  the most commonly asked question Gen gets is how to create the perfect introduction between your older children and a new baby. In this bonus module Gen covers exactly what to do to make sure this moment goes smoothly.

Expert Guides

Sometimes we just need to have the top tips in writing! Gen has created easy to download guides that walk you though the first introduction, top connection hacks for older kids and younger kids, setting boundaries and welcoming feelings.

What they've told us


Meet Melanie D




Meet Zoe R

Hi Genevieve, 6 weeks ago I attended your talk at the Mater on bringing home a 2nd child. I just wanted to say how helpful it has been. We have been following your advice around how we manage our toddlers feelings/emotions and wow, it has helped so much! We are getting down to his eye level and taking about how he is feeling, offering big cuddles and taking one-on-one time with him each week. I have no doubt that this has made the transition to a family of four much smoother for all of us. Thank you!




Meet Jess

Hi Gen! Thanks again for the amazing program preparing me for life home with a toddler!  The rainbow picture which I drew for him was a huge hit! I popped in the letter box,  addressed the mail to him and we collected and opened together. The picture is up on the wall and during those difficult times I remind him of the rainbow drawing. Thanks so much!




Meet Mel C

Hi Gen, I’ve just completed your online course Connected Families. Oh my goodness I wish I had found you before now!!!! Thank you so much for giving me the tools to tap into exactly what my son Ollie needed as he adjusted to his baby sister. With your advice, we were able to prepare in advance for the an introduction that was lead by Ollie (not us) we knew how to meet his needs and then when he was showing signs of pushing boundaries we knew why and what to do!! I’m not saying every day has gone smoothly, but the difference is in our confidence, particularly knowing he needed us to be confident with boundaries and welcome any big feelings (There have been a few of these too). Thanks again Gen.




Meet Jen M

“Hi Gen, I just wanted to say how helpful your Connected Families course it has been, we had our second baby this year and we have been following your advice around how we manage our toddlers feelings/emotions and wow, it has helped so much! 

We are getting down to his eye level and taking about how he is feeling, offering big cuddles and taking one-on-one time with him each week. I have no doubt that this has made the transition to a family of four much smoother for all of us.




Meet Sam

Gen I am reaching out as I just completed your Connected Families course as I am on the cusp of having my third baby and I am so grateful for this info. WHY didn’t I have this when I had my second baby? I can see with hindsight (isn’t it always 20/20) that the things we focused on just weren’t what our sweet girl needed. The child I’ve been worrying about with this baby who is due soon is my soon to be middle son and I now feel really ready to meet him where he is at and be the safe base he needs as he adjusts to becoming a big brother and a middle child. I’ve been doing all the connection ideas and it’s been helping so much with both of my kids. Really looking forward to following along with the group and your next courses. Thanks again.




Meet Lisa C

I met Gen and did her program on introducing a newborn to a toddler when I gave birth to my second baby boy at the Mater. I was nervous about how to handle the transition from one child to two while maintaining a close bond with my 2 year old. The advice Genevieve provided has really proven to be invaluable - a lot of parenting advice seems too difficult to translate to real life but this gave me simple tips and strategies which made good intuitive sense to me and were “doable”. It gave me a lot of confidence going home and while we’ve certainly had our moments, the first few weeks as a family of four have been a really happy time. I recently caught up with a friend who attended the same session when she was at the Mater and we both agreed it was the single most useful thing we did - worth the cost of admission alone!




Meet Stef T

“As a mum who liked to know what was coming for her I had researched, discussed with friends, sought options from my mother, and explored online content to better prepare myself for how to support my little one for meeting her new sibling. 

It wasn’t until I heard the wise words of Gen doing her Connected Families Program that she shared the importance of maintaining the strong level of connection with my first child that would empower her to feel confident and lead us (her parents) into the world of bringing baby home in a way she could share her love and understanding with the newest member of our family. 

Gen sharing the ‘Circle of Security’ Theory with me (this new baby and my firstborns mother) gave me the comfort to impart my understanding with my husband and when the time came for our two worlds to collide, as they weren’t able to meet at hospital due to COVID, it was a moment held it time in a photograph that I will forever have in my heart. 

Through connection we can truly empower. Thank you Gen for giving our little family the courage and confidence to transition with ease at a time of great unease around the world, and especially for new mothers, fathers and families.




Meet Rachel C

My son, Charlie was at the ripe old age of two about to become a big brother. We read the ‘Big Brother’ book every night and told him there was a baby in my tummy but I wasn’t too sure if he had any idea. I wanted to go to your course about introducing your new Bub to our OG Bub as I had read an article, I think by Janet Lansbury about how you should expect your child to be upset as you’d betrayed them - in their eyes -  and it felt awful so I was really worried how Charlie would feel.  

Some of the key takeaways I had and have used were: 

- Helping them with big feelings and practising empathy,  ‘I know you must be really frustrated that we can’t watch another episode of Daddy Pig and it doesn’t feel fair but I promise we can watch the Pig tomorrow’  (My husband and I hate Daddy Pig, I’m a vegetarian but I’d be tempted ;-) - we use this one every day and you can see him physically calm down by knowing we realise what he is getting frustrated at. 

- First meeting, I took on board to not be holding Isabelle and the first thing I did was ask Charlie if he was ok - it was the longest time ever we hadn’t seen each other and I needed him to know I felt that. His response was ‘yeah yeah where’s the baby?’ 

-Respect their emotions, what might seem like small things to you are massive to them so hear them out - if your partner came home and told you they’d lost their job, you wouldn’t offer them a banana and tell them to not worry :-)

- Let them break off the hug first - this one has really worked well for Charlie - I’ll always do this now and he’ll go ‘mummy!’ but I know he’s loving it. 

- Bribing a kid with food in the supermarket doesn’t make you a crap parent ;-) Thanks so much!




Meet Merrin

Gen's Connected Families program was brilliant in helping us introduce our 1st child to our 2nd. She provided lots of practical tips to ease the transition for our daughter and ensure that we found ways to meet her needs during a time of great change. We've told all our friends about Gen's great program. I'm so glad we did it.

Some of the info we used:
Not holding the baby when she walked into the room and making sure my eye contact was on her. That first meeting was so great - we just gave her space to take it all in and go to the bassinet when she was ready. 

Also making time for her to have special dates with mummy - even just a babycino at the cafe or a 10 min play with my undivided attention have been great reminders when I can feel her getting a bit fragile. 

I think the other good one that we had struggled with in the past was when she would have a preference for either one of us - but you explained it that she is just saying in her way - "have you got this, are you in charge/are you my leader" and that really helped us understand what was happening in those moments and respond with confidence.

I have to say she has been an absolute trooper over the past 8 months and is just a beautiful older sister. She is so caring and I'm so glad we got their relationship off to a good start. 

Thank you Gen for that class- and all the great content on your insta... I am still learning so much from you!




Meet Leah

​​“I attended the Introducing Baby to Siblings (Connected Families) at the Mater run by Genevieve and owe the amazing bond and connection my son and daughter have, to everything I learnt from that class. Like many parents, I was anxious about how my strong-willed 2yo daughter would transition from only child to one of two. Genevieve’s methods and advice comes from a balance of research and her own personal experience which is what I found really relatable. I learnt so much from the class and highly recommend it to everyone”

I’ve also attached a photo of my little ones (my little boy is now 4months old).


 It’s not enough to know the things our kids need from us, we also need to understand how our own history and stories are getting in the way of us meeting our kids needs, and how the aim of being a perfect parent is making parenting so much more complex than it needs to be

From Gen


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