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Without a doubt, the adjustment into parenthood for the first time is a huge transition.

Having worked with over 10,000 first time parents through her work at the Mater Private Hospital with families, Gen has a great understanding of the real challenges facing parents who are taking a baby home for the first time.  

Gen developed a passion for assisting parents with their transition into parenthood when she was having her four babies.

Meet Genevieve

“One of the absolute perks of my job is getting to meet  so many first-time parents. Either in the lead up to their birth or after they have had their baby.

What I have come to learn is that there are issues facing parents today that are different to the issues parents faced 30 years ago.

We tell parents to 'trust their instincts' but the thing is, they have never done this before, so working out what your instinct is can be a real challenge."

The connected baby program is designed to give parents access to the information they need about their baby in the first 12 weeks, and the reassurance they also need to know that they have everything within them to be the parent their child needs, right from the start.

This program has been designed to give the information parents really need, and nothing they don't.  So they can tune out the information overload, and tune into their baby.

Keen to start parenting from the heart from the very beginning? Let's do this!



Introducing Connected Baby

Your complete guide to adapting to early parenthood, creating a secure attachment with your new baby, and cutting though the information overload in the first 12 months.  

Who is this program for

anyone who is pregnant with their first baby, or adjusting to life with a newborn.

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What you get

Expert Guidance

Practical and evidence-based program by a mum of four

Peace of Mind

Giving you just what you need to feel more reassured and parent from the heart. 

Join the Family

Have access to a like minded community of parents and expert advice from Gen

How it will help

Connected Baby assists parents
to navigate:

✔︎ The first twelve weeks of parenting. Everything you need to know about sleep, settling, and crying. What’s normal for newborns as they adjust to the world

✔︎ A deeper dive into crying babies, how much babies cry, how this can make parents feel, what’s normal and how to navigate it

✔︎ Connection and attachment. What matters in your relationship with your baby in the first 11 months of life

✔︎ The information overload, how to know what to listen to and how to filter out some of the noise

✔︎ Your relationships with each other, with family and with yourself as a new parent

✔︎ ‘The village’ or lack one. How to establish the right support that will assist you in parenting

✔︎ The importance of take breaks and self-care. 

✔︎ Soothing, swaddling, and a bonus video where Gen shows how to swaddle your baby two different ways. 


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In This Program You Will Find Out


What’s normal in terms of sleep and behaviour and what to expect in the first three months.  

Crying – why this is so hard and how to manage it

The three things that will establish a secure attachment with your baby in the first 11 months (and why this matters)

The challenges of modern parenting, the two things that make it so hard today and how to sift though the information overload and find your tribe

Caring for parents – the key things to keep your relationships and your sense of self on track as you navigate the first year.

Why is the connected baby program different?

✔︎ The focus of this program is empowering you to know most answers lie in your relationship with your baby

✔︎ We now know that connection and attachment in the first 11 months of life make huge impact on future happiness and resilience. This program focuses new parents into what really makes the biggest differences in the bond - right from the start

✔︎ Practical and real advice from a mum of four. Gen has been there! So this information is real, and doable from lived experience.

Most of all parents will find out that our babies don’t need perfect parents. What a relief!

What's in the program

The Complete Series

✔︎ Exclusive access to program series

✔︎ 3 x Key Topics (The First Three Months, Connection In The First Year, The Challenges of Modern Parenting)

✔︎ Downloadable expert guide

✔︎ 7 day money back guarantee

AUD $99

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The First Three Months

✔︎ The fourth trimester
✔︎ Sleep
✔︎ Swaddling
✔︎ Crying
✔︎ Routine

Connection In
The First Year

✔︎ Seeking connection
✔︎ Welcoming feelings
✔︎ Encouraging exploration

The Challenges of Modern Parenting

✔︎ The village has changed
✔︎ Information overload
✔︎ Relationships
✔︎ Taking breaks & self-care

We are confident you will find value in our program, but if you disagree
- we will provide you with a

*We do ask that you make the effort to complete at least 70% of the series.


Each video or package purchased will also receive these EXTRAS, to help support you on your new parenting journey.

Bonus Module

Swaddling your baby two ways.

 When parents first have a baby they get told to swaddle them to help them soothe. While most people get shown how to do this in hospital it can take some time to get the hang of! These videos can be used when you need it most.

Bonus Module

 Tapping out and self care

As parents you are the captains of the ship. You are much better for your baby when you take breaks. In this module Gen runs though her top tips for tapping out and self care. 

Expert Guides

Sometimes we just want the top tips in writing. Gen has created easy to download guides with the top tips around navigating the first 12 weeks. 

What they've told us


Meet Kate D

We did your Connected baby Program back in late September 2020. It was the best part of my time at the Mater and if I’m lucky again to have another I hope you’ll be there to teach us about taking our newborn home to our toddler. I can’t thank you enough for the class. It was EXCELLENT! And totally helped prepare us for what was to come (at least as much as anyone could!!) and it’s going super well thank you! We are incredibly blessed parents - Isla has been the best thing we’ve ever done. It’s not always easy, but she brings us so much joy. Thank you again for all your help. When I think back to that time, I remember feeling so vulnerable and anxious, and your program really helped us immensely, and hope to see you again soon one day.



Meet Chelle & Simon

Gen, I did your Connected Baby program at the Mater a few months back followed by some follow up support with you, and I just want to reach out and let you know what a difference it made. We were swamped with advice, we didn't know what to listen to... However your program helped to sift the good from the bad and had us walking away feeling so much calmer and more prepared. To know that we weren't creating bad habits, that we could take time to get to know our little one, and how to meet her needs... We can't thank you enough. Everyone needs access to this information when they have a baby!! Thank you again



Meet Tim & Rachel

We met with Gen following the birth of our first baby and we were so glad we did. We were having the most awful time. We were stressed out and anxious and we thought we were failing as parents and then after Gen’s connected baby program and an understanding of how EVERYTHING were and our son were going though was 100% normal, and part of the fourth trimester, we felt so much better! Knowledge really is power and Gen has a way of making you feel like everything is going to be ok and YOU are exactly what your child needs. Gen, we are so glad we found you.



Meet Emma F

As our firstborn daughter turns one at the end of the month, it is only natural to sit down and reflect on the first year we have had together as a family.

All parents would agree, those first precious weeks together as a family are the most incredible, heartwarming and challenging of times. The highs were the ultimate high and the lows were the ultimate low. We managed these highs and lows with Gen’s advice by our side.

From the minute we met Gen, we felt at ease, she had an amazing ability to speak to a room full of parents with such warmth and positivity. She was bursting with great energy and helpful tips for us eager mums and dads. Gen had no time for judgment, taking the myth out of “easy” and “right” parenting. Instead she encouraged us to think about our core values as a family. That was when it really hit my husband and I, we were a family now. Her advice about the first twelve weeks at home was priceless. From swaddling, to feeding, to extended families. Gen was an angel who smiled and understood us.

We are very thankful for her advice, guidance and support during the most important time of our lives. We look forward to working with her and drawing on her knowledge and expertise as our daughter develops.


“My goal for first time parents everywhere is that they might begin their journey into parenthood with a little less worry about getting it right and a lot more confidence in the fact that our babies are simply seeking a relationship and when we tune into this and tune out the noise we are able to parent from the heart. I want you to feel confident to ditch the books and start to read your babies cues from the very beginning of life. Our babies don’t need perfect parents, they need parents who are showing up and doing the best they can.

 This course will give new parents the tools they need to parent from the heart, with confidence.”

From Gen


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