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‘I’m a mum of 4 boys. These are the questions I get asked constantly.’

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2021

As published on MAMAMIA

Shortly after I had given birth to my third son, I went up to the local post office to collect a package. 

I was at the counter with my three- and five-year-old boys, and my newborn asleep in the pram. 

Just quietly I was feeling pretty freaking proud to be out, with THREE kids in a post office (which, if you ask anyone who has had three under five, is no mean feat.) Life was good.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” The lady serving me asked, eyeing my two boys and the pram.

I proudly drew back the muslin wrap to reveal my beautiful bundle and said: “This is Tom!”

The look on the woman’s face was pure disappointment. She grabbed my hands in hers, looked at me with big sad eyes and said: “Don’t worry, you are young, and you can try again!"

I immediately looked down at my two older children. Two beautiful creatures who were standing by their new baby brother, with a fresh look of doubt in their eyes. 

Gen with her four boys today photo credit Tess Donohue Photography

I don’t know what they were thinking, but their faces looked like they were wondering if, maybe, by all being male they had failed me. 

I proudly told my new friend in the post office that having three of a kind was special, and that I had always hoped for three boys. 

It was true. But I felt rattled. 

That moment was seven years ago now. 

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