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Connected Families

This program is all about giving parents everything they need to assist their older children though the big transition that is welcoming a new baby into your home.  

What you'll get

  • Exclusive access to program series

  •  3 x Key Topics (Connection, Boundaries, Feeling All The Feelings)

  •  2x bonus modules on self care and that magic first hello.

  •  Downloadable expert guide

  •  7 day money back guarantee


Connected Families is all about:

  • Giving parents access to four incredible hacks to make your older child feel connected with you as they adjust to becoming a big brother or sister (that only take a minute!)

  • Helping parents know what their kids actually need, and how to meet these needs when you are time poor

  • How to juggle two or three kids while also protecting your own relationships and health

  • Answers to all the top questions like 'should I buy a present from the baby to give to my older child

What People Are Saying:

Hi Gen! Thanks again for the amazing program preparing me for life home with a toddler! The rainbow picture which I drew for him was a huge hit! I popped in the letter box, addressed the mail to him and we collected and opened together. The picture is up on the wall and during those difficult times I remind him of the rainbow drawing. Thanks so much!


Hi Genevieve, 6 weeks ago I attended your talk at the Mater on bringing home a 2nd child. I just wanted to say how helpful it has been. We have been following your advice around how we manage our toddlers feelings/emotions and wow, it has helped so much! We are getting down to his eye level and taking about how he is feeling, offering big cuddles and taking one-on-one time with him each week. I have no doubt that this has made the transition to a family of four much smoother for all of us. Thank you!


Hi Gen, I’ve just completed your online course Connected Families. Oh my goodness I wish I had found you before now!!!! Thank you so much for giving me the tools to tap into exactly what my son Ollie needed as he adjusted to his baby sister. With your advice, we were able to prepare in advance for the an introduction that was lead by Ollie (not us) we knew how to meet his needs and then when he was showing signs of pushing boundaries we knew why and what to do!! I’m not saying every day has gone smoothly, but the difference is in our confidence, particularly knowing he needed us to be confident with boundaries and welcome any big feelings (There have been a few of these too). Thanks again Gen.