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 Meet Genevieve

Gen currently works at the Mater as an Obstetric Social worker, and she also specialises in parent education and mentoring parents with the passage into parenthood for the first time, or with the added demands of a growing family. In addition, Genevieve has her own four children so knows firsthand the challenges of raising kids today.

Introducing Parenting Groups & One-on-One Sessions

For families who are after more tailored approach, or targeted small workshops on common parenting problems

Parenting Groups

Gen runs regular parenting groups for parents looking to take their understanding of what our children need to the next level, as well as develop some strategies that can help in making the juggle of raising kids smoother.

Groups are ideal when parents are ready for a deeper dive into how to talk so kids will really listen, how to manage meltdowns and tantrums, how to set boundaries, how to get on the same page with your partner, and how to meet the needs of our kids so we can enjoy parenting more and turn our happy and confident kids.

Joining one of Connected Parenting Groups is a brilliant next step


How It Works

✔︎ Groups are capped 8-10 couples

✔︎ 1.5 hour x 4 weeks run weekly 

✔︎ COSP™ Abbreviated and Connected Parenting content delivered in a fast paced, group format

✔︎ 45 minute follow up Q&A will be held a month after the session

✔︎ Access to small WhatsApp group for coaching throughout the month

AUD $330 per couple


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One-on-One Parenting Sessions

Depending on individual needs, sometimes the best solution for parents is a one on one session with Gen. We know every family, every child and every situation is so unique. 

 With experience with over 20,000 families and practical knowledge through raising four boys Gen is able to really dig into the specific situation happening in your home and with your child.


How It Works

✔︎ One hour initial consultation will be run

✔︎ Online materials included

✔︎ Pre-visit phone call or email

✔︎ Follow up email recap

AUD $190

AUD $150 for 60 minute follow up

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What They've Told Us


Meet Rebbeca

Thank you for all your kindness during my time at the mater. I remember crying after listening to you talk, because your words really were so touching and empathetic. Going through the hash lockdown of COVID and returning home to a toddler with a newborn, your really helped guide me at a time that I was feeling lost and weak. Thank you for all that you did and continue to do for all the mothers during such a difficult year. I remember staying back on the day of my discharge just to hear your class and I’m so glad I did. I use your techniques with my toddler when she’s having a bad day and she really does respond better. I’m happy for you to share this because it really is the truth :) Thank you again for helping me see the positives during such a negative time of lockdown x


Hi Gen, Just wanted to say how great your help with independent play was yesterday. Even with just one night of confidently setting boundaries we had this in the morning!”

Emmy played blocks while I breastfed the baby. Which is a huge breakthrough. I’ve been relying on tv quite a bit during feeding which has been leading to other issues so this is a great step!